Mr L's Projects

Random Story Generator

Welcome! Are you tired of writing stories? Well it's time to create a random story generator that can write stories for you. Ironically, to do this, you'll need to write a story, and make it rather excellent too! You will be working in a pair using the Python programming language, used by many programmers and companies including Google.

First, let's look at some example projects previous students have created. Click on "run" at the top of each box to generate a new random story.

Python Skills:

This section will teach you exactly the bits of Python you need to know for this project. Please watch these videos in order and type and run these yourself in the practice box below the videos. Change words and mess around with them until you feel comfortable with them. Do not rush through this step! Watching the videos in fullscreen and in HD is best.

Setting Up:

If you have finished the "Python Skills" section, lets get started! Please make sure you complete each part of the project, step by step.

So far you have been writing code in the practic box on this page. It's time to get your own proper box you can save! First, go to Click on "Log In". Click on "Sign in With Google". Enter your email address as your school id number Accept the user permissions. Congratulations! You are in.

You can now either write your project code on the Trinket website, or in the box above (you'll have to hit 'remix').

Making Your Random Story Generator:

There are 4 parts to this project, although you will have a simple random story generator even after the first part! Each part has it's own video, showing you how to make your program more complex. Watch each video and complete your coding before you move on to the next video. See how far you can get in the time you have. Make sure you watch "Python Skills 4" before you start the last video. Good luck! (And click "save" often!)

How to Submit:

Congratulations! You have finished the project. Unless you haven't, in which case you should go back and work on it ;-) I hope you enjoyed making your random story generator. Make sure you let your friends try it out! What else could you add to it to make it more interesting? The sky is the limit.

If you are in my class I will come around during the project and collect your project link. This means even if you make improvements after class has finished, they will show up when I mark the project, so feel free to add on to the project at home.