Mr L's Projects


Lets play a word game. You can play it on this site or on the Scratch website. The goal of 'Twenty-Five' is to make as many words as possible (of at least 3 letters long) by placing letters in the 5 by 5 grid. The may be forwards or backwards, and may be on the horizontal, vertical or long diagonal rows.

In the normal 'play' mode, press space bar to get a random letter. Place it on the gameboard and press space again etc. Some letters are a lot more likely than others, with E being the most common. This matches how often letters come up in real life. You can 'shift-click' to add a reminder letter to a square.

Note: a class game lets everyone in the class play with the teacher (or another student) choosing a letter at the front of the room.

The Scoring System:

Any words found in the dictionary will give you a score. Words must be:

If you think you should have scored more points for a word, press 'd' and type it in to see if it's in the dictionary. If it isn't, you can leave a request in the comments and I'll add it! If you accidentally scored points, press 'w' to see what word you got!

Which Letter Next?

If you are planning ahead, thinking which words you could make from the letters on your board, remember that some letters come up more often than others. This game will pick letters with the same proportion as they would come up in real life. Google 'letter frequency in English' if you want to improve your chances in this game. Which letters are most likely to come up? Which are the least likely?

Good luck!