Mr L's Projects

Greedy Pig

Lets play a number game. You can play it on this site or on the Scratch website.

See how many points you can score. Each roll of the dice adds to your round's total. But try not to be too greedy - if you roll the evil number (after your first two safe rolls), you will score 0 for the round! The 'round' text changes colour based on how well you are doing (green = good, red = bad).

Press 'i' to enter your own dice roll (if playing a class game with the teacher or one student rolling) or press space for the computer to roll for you (if playing by yourself)..

Click on the chair to lock in your points for the round.

Improve Your Strategy:

To improve your skill at the game, you can also use the second game mode to test some strategies using simulation! Pick a number of points and/or rolls to sit down after, and the program will play many games in quick succession, giving you a mean (average) score, range and frequency chart. To speed this up you can run the game in turbo mode (shift + click).