Mr L's Projects

Multiplication Bingo

Have you played bingo before? This is similar, but instead of random numbers being called out, it will be the answers to a deck of shuffled times table cards 2x2 to 9x9 (see below).

cards on desk

Play the game below:

What are the best numbers?

Have a look at the chart of all possible numbers in this game.

Are some numbers more likely than others? Hint: look for the numbers that appear on the chart the most number of times, the ones with several factors. Try and choose the best numbers for your gameboard and play again.

Next, think carefully about where on the gameboard you place your best numbers. Are there some squares that are more important than others?

possible answers chart

Squares and Primes

Are prime numbers a good choice in this game? What is it about the number-choosing system that makes this the case? Explain in detail.

Are square numbers a good choice in this game? What does this depend on? Explain in detail.