Mr L's Projects

Probability Pilgrimage

Between 1 and 3 players will each lead a group of 12 spirits on an adventure to the Earth. In each level, Emmanual the wizard will run a probability experiment, and you must position your spirits to avoid the correct outcome. Start by using your intuition and estimation.

Probability Pilgrimage

How to Play

Navigate menu: mouse + click or arrows + enter

Place spirit: mouse + leftclick or arrows + space

Call back spirit: mouse + rightclick or arrows + 'r'

Change player: click team score or 'p'

Run experiment: click wizard bar or enter

Go to menu: escape

The Project

The project for this game involves making a helpful strategy guide for new players, showing the exact chances of each square being hit. Start by making a copy of this template. Fill in at least 3 level guide slides and make any changes to the template you think would be helpful for your readers. Good luck and have fun!

Note:Pressing the '~' key will bring up a secret console where you can enter commands such as:

Idea: For a change of pace, you might like to switch the responsibilities, with each player placing their opponent's spirits, trying to make them lose.